Saturday, 1 October 2016

Open to Submissions!

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For a whole month. Yes, ST is open to submissions during the month of October, right through until Halloween.

Please note, just one submission per author. Make it a good one! Check out the guidelines page for more information.

Friday, 30 September 2016

The Art of Abigail Larson

My earlier post about Lovecraftian stuff on deviantART prompted me to look again at the superb work of Abigail Larson, who's been producing original pictures zand illustrating classics of horror fiction for over ten years. You can see a huge portfolio of her work on the site here.

Here are a few samples of her work to persuade you to mosey on over and enjoy lots more. As usual, click on the image to enlarge it to full biggosity.

The Black Cat

The House of Usher

H.P. Lovecraft

Monster in my closet...


Apology for the delay to ST#33

I'm sorry that the autumn issue of ST is still stuck in limbo. The problem is that I order a bulk shipment for all those subscribers who, for whatever reason, don't want to buy the magazine online from the Lulu website.

Unfortunately this time the printer (with whom I have no direct contact) has simply not delivered the box of magazines within the normal c.10 day period. Add to that that I was a little late in getting this issue on the road and we have a major delay.

I have complained to the website and if I don't get satisfaction I'll have to take my custom elsewhere, probably to Amazon's print-on-demand service. (I know, Amazon, lots of people hate it, but I need to get the job done.)

Sorry. Rest assured ST#33 will turn up, eventually. In the meantime, I've decided to make the print issue available to buy online. Here it is.

New tales of the supernatural by Sean Padraic McCarthy, Tim Foley, Sam Dawson, Tom Johnstone, Rosalie Parker, Keith Coleman, and Jane Jakeman.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Mermaid Championships Held in Germany


Yes, mermaids are apparently quite big now, thanks (I assume) to Disney. As supernatural creatures go they've got horror potential, of course, but in fiction they generally tend to be cute and whimsical. Anyway, the question we are all asking today is, what are Germany's top mermaids up to?
Merfolk-fanatics between eight and 48 years old attended the event in the town of Suhl in southern Thuringia which organizers claimed was the first ever German national championship in mermaid swimming, also referred to as "mermaiding". 
And especially competitors from the lower half of the Bundesrepublik proved that they had thoroughly analysed Disney's The Little Mermaid.
Well, there you go. Congratulations to the plucky winners, who (wait for it) clearly got into a flap in the best possible sense.
“Merthletes” from Bavaria, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg brought in two wins for each state, as children competed over 50m and adults over twice that distance.
Lotta Müller from Bavaria took gold in the highest-represented and fiercely-contested category of eight- to nine-year-olds, while Alexander Sengpiel also of Bavaria only had to out-flap a few other men to come in first in the adult competition.
 All good, wet, harmless fun.

Germany holds first national 'mermaiding' championship